Restore your heavy machinery to new

Is your machinery getting old, rusty or shabby? Having trouble meeting COF or WOF requirements? We can help you remove all rust and restore your machinery to new with professional sandblasting, painting and high-performance industrial coatings.

Can work with a wide range of machinery

You are working with experienced sandblasters, panel beaters and spray painters who are competent working with a wide range of machinery:

  • Trucks and trailers
  • Bulldozers
  • Dump trucks
  • Excavators
  • Graders
  • Low loaders
  • Or any other form of machinery

Can advise on the best way to repair your machinery

With a huge amount of experience as a coach builder and panel beater for heavy machinery, we like to provide a service that goes further than what you would typically expect from your sandblaster.

We will always look for the most appropriate way to repair any faults with your machinery, and can advise on a suitable contractor.

Ensuring a long lasting, effective coating

Different types of machinery face different conditions, such as machinery used on an orchard, or a bulldozer used in the mud. With our wide range of specialist industrial coatings, we will always be able to apply a coating that is appropriate for your application.

Using industrial, premium quality paints

To ensure your machinery gets a great new look that is sure to last, we will always use industrial grade, premium quality paint that is designed for your machinery’s specific applications.

More info on our sandblasting services…

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Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery Blasted and Partial Undercoat

Before Blasting Heavy Machinery

Blasted & Partial Undercoat

Repainted Heavy Machinery

Heavy Machinery

Before Blasting Heavy Machinery

Blasted Heavy Machinery

Blasted Heavy Machinery

Repainted Heavy Machinery

Before Blasting Low Loader

During Blasting Low Loader

Blasted & Undercoated

Before Blasting 4 Axle Trailer